About Us

1969 The present chairman Norio Nakamori established the company in Sumida-ku, Tokyo
1977 Increased the capital amount to JPY 24,000,000
1978 Set up the Osaka Business Office
1981 Established SOVES division which was for department stores
and speciality fashion retailers.
1982 ・Relocated the head office to the present company site
・Launched MELCOM80 into the company, and promoted office automation.
・Established SANMARINO WEST Co., Ltd. in Hiroshima
1985 Established Hybrid Co., Ltd. (as SOVES division spun off)
1986 Merged Osaka Business Office into SANMARINO West Co., Ltd.
1987 Completed the construction of Hybrid building
1988 ・Completed the construction of Chiba Logistics Center
・Increased the capital amount to JPY 49,800,000
1989 Established Between Co., Ltd.
1992 Completed the construction of Fukuyama Logistics Center in Hiroshima
2000 The executive director Ishihara of Hybrid Co., Ltd.
promoted to the president of company
2003 Launched the new information system called "SMILEα"
2004 Started retail business via the Internet for consumers.
2005 Opened the first retail shop in Jingumae, Shibuya
2008 Norio Nakamori assumed the chairman of the board.
Hide Nakamori promoted to the president.
2009 Launched POS system into the shops.
2010 Opened new shop "NAVAL"
2011 Launched the new information system called "SMILEie"
2012 Opened the "NAVAL" Diversity Tokyo Plaza shops, the Shinjuku Lumine EST.
2014 ・Opened the "NAVAL" LaLaport TOKYO-BAY shop.
・OUTDOOR PRODUCTS LaLaport Shinmisato shop, Abeno Cuse mall store, the Medio Shin-Osaka shop, LaLaport Izumi shop.
・Succeed to the business of the New's Shimokitazawa shop
・Reopened the New's Shimokitazawa shop NAVAL Shimokitazawa shop.
・NAVAL LaLaport Fujimi shop open
2016 ・NAVAL Lumine Tachikawa store open
・OUTDOOR PRODUCTS Seven Park Ario Kashiwa store opened
・Business transfer of outdoor products business
・Headquarters moved to current address
2017 ・Hikoyuki Omori appoints President of Hybrid Co., Ltd.
・NAVAL Shimokitazawa branch renewed to "Shimokita GARAGE by NAVAL"